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Among the landscapes of France, Limousin is characterized as a land of green trees and water that will always deserve the appreciation made by Arthur Young: “For its overall beauty, I prefer Limousin to other provinces. The hills, forests, streams, lakes and farms scattered up thousands of lovely paintings.”

Limousin has an oceanic climate modulated relief. In cold weather, there is a maximum level of precipitation, and the annual rainfall is 750 mm. Summers are warm, sometimes very dry, in some summer days the thermometer can reach temperatures up to 37-38 °. Limousin region is characterized by a pleasant environment in a protected environment, in ordinary-sized cities, where the habitat consists mainly of individual houses and nine architecture trends that are integrated in this protected environment.

Furthermore, the area is also characterized by quality health and social infrastructure. In terms of communication infrastructure, they have developed in recent years, facilitating accessibility planning and travel between the poles urban region. Culture is diverse and is present throughout the Limousin region, due to the proximity of many cultural centers and associations that develop many initiatives by little throughout the region.

From cinema to dance, from music to visual arts via the Occitan culture and heritage, there are numerous opportunities for cultural encounters in the Limousin region. In summer it is enlivened by some 40 festivals.  Water, many rivers, ponds and lakes are the main tourism asset. Watercourses are increasingly frequented by lovers of fishing. Sports practices were also developed, such as kayaking in the Dordogne valley, downstream from Argenta, or Vezér valley, downstream from Uzerche.

Also, the specificity of artistic creativity in the Limousin region gives rise to a strong sense of fascination from visitors interested in traditional arts or upholstery, and porcelain enamel, or expressions of contemporary, contemporary art center Vassivière.

Limousin region has many advantages due to its nature, its tourism objectives of outstanding natural heritage and even of its industrial past, which transforms it into a destination not to be missed. Limousin region, “Green took thousands of sources” as saying the expression is well established in France one of the most favorable regions for the discovery of natural tourist attractions, which form the basis of ecological tourism booming today. In conclusion, if you ever plan to visit the region you should do it with no doubt, because you will definitely enjoy your time in Limousin.