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“Little Croatia” is the name of a recently introduced project, a theme park to be built in New Zagreb within the next two years, between Islandska Street and the Avenue of Većeslav Holjevac.

Spread over 12 hectares, each Croatian county will have its own “corner” of 5,000 square meters on which buildings, parks and other facilities symbolizing it will be built, characteristic and authentic for the given region.

The development study for the park was carried out by the Institute for physical planning, which drafted a proposal for each location. For instance, in the Split-Dalmatian part of the park, the Split waterfront will be built, and in the Istrian, the typical Istrian stone house, symbolizing the way houses are built in this region of Croatia.

The goal of the project is, as its name reveals, to take a walk through the entire Croatia in one place, which should greatly contribute to the tourist offering of Croatia’s capital. Zagreb’s visitors could, therefore, find in New Zagreb numerous replicas of, for instance, fortress Nehaj, the Ston Walls, Kopački rit, the park-forest Papuk and many other sights of Croatian counties.

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