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What more could be worse than buying expensive theatre tickets? Being unable to get hold of one! But if the play is that good, it can actually run for sometime. But if not, well, at least you did not spend anything on something not really worth seeing.

Your trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of its theatres. With its diverse theatre shows, each guest will certainly find something interesting to watch. But if you’re thinking of seeing the most popular ones, specifically those held in the West End, make sure you have booked your London theatre tickets way in advance.

Prince Edward Theatre, London

The first step is to know when a particular show opens. This is a must to those who are fond of opening nights. The latest shows are also the most-talked about, so never underestimate the number of people that are trying to get London theatre tickets as well.

Shows at the West End are typically held over long periods, some even run for years. However, there are other shows that run for just one night, and with the number of London theatres, it is very difficult to keep track which shows run at a particular time. There are tips that you could follow so that you can avoid the hassle of getting London theatre tickets and avoid missing out on a good show.

Signing up for a newsletter or a club does not only help you secure London theatre tickets, but can actually offer discounts and gives you access to reserved seats. The Society of London Theatres and the Ambassador Theatre Group are two of the best options.

Join online sites that offer free mailing. London Theatre Direct,, and Ticketmaster may be able to offer advanced ticket sales. Signing up with these sites are absolutely free.

Read the papers. Show promoters often let the media take a peek of what’s coming. Keeping a close watch on what’s currently happening may just let you obtain London theatre tickets before the rest of the public does.

Calling the theatre box office about a particular show is a good move. Promoters and producers may be able to help you too. But then if you’re really keen on getting hold of London theatre tickets, do it weeks before your trip. And as a general rule: never underestimate the crowd. If you think a certain show is a must-see, how many others are thinking exactly the same thing?