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Lorraine is one of the most attractive regions in France and has much to offer for every visitor, regardless of age and interests. Therefore, whenever you visit France, make sure you include this destination on your list. For more information, you might want to read the following information, which will serve you as a guide for your trip every time you decide to travel to the country.

Metz is the most important city in this area and is located on the eastern bank of the river Moselle, close to the Autoroute that connects Paris to Strasbourg. Its origins go forward in time until Roman times when, as now, was standing at the crossroads of some major trade routes.

Although the only truly important attraction is the magnificent Cathedral, the city of Metz is not as boring as you would probably expect, given the northern location and industrial past. Metz deserves its reputation as the Garden City, with impeccable bedding flowers, stone buildings in warm colors and Moselle river waters, which creates an attractive image. There is also a university founded here in the 1970s, which is partly responsible for the animated city life.

Metz is one of the most beautiful cities in the east of France, with another center of attraction for tourists being the St. Louis Market, dating from the fifteenth century, surrounded by buildings with arches and columns. In the center you can see numerous medieval houses. Many of the museums can be visited today as well, with professional guidance. Known as the “Green City” is recommended as a tourist destination.

But Metz, a city that has kept the charm of the past intact, despite the changes to the pace of contemporary life, is above all a city of churches, because of their number and variety, which is completely amazing. Some of them are St. Vincent, St. Pierre de La Citadelle, St Euchaire or St. Maximin, but certainly the best known are St Etienne and St-Pierre-aux Nonnains.

Other objectives:

Cathedral Saint Etienne: world-renowned stained glass made especially for master Marc Chagall.
Church of Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains: the oldest church in the whole France, built in 380-395
Opera-Theatre de Metz: France’s oldest, built between 1732-1752.
Hebrew Cemetery: testament to the importance of community from Metz, is interesting for its large number of tombstones
Metz Railway Station: Built in 1908, still preserves its original look very well.