Lovran long ago became an attractive place for tourists to come especially in the autumn.

Located not far from Opatija, to which it is connected by the 12-kilometre long Lungomare seaside promenade, Lovran has been living with tourism for a full one hundred years.

It was developed in the early 20th century as a winter and healthcare resort for the nobility and the personages of Viennese and Budapest society circles and is now the ideal spot for year-round tourism. In his book “Die Halbinsel Istrien” (The Istrian Peninsula), published in 1907, Norbert Krebs counts Lovran among the most nurtured sanatoriums in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.


Famous for a particular species of cultivated chestnut of exceptionally quality, which has been grown in the area for centuries, Lovran has in the best way possible made this an integral of its tourism offer. In doing so it has retained its traditional customs related to the offer of local chestnut dishes and sweets, but also of the many other products that are traditionally grown in the Lovran area. That is why Lovran lives with tourism year-round, organising a number of attractive events for its guests – the Asparagus Days, the Cherry Days and the mentioned Chestnut Days – in December visitors will be awaited by the Chocolate Days, organised in all of the hotels and hospitality facilities in the Opatija and Lovran Riviera areas.

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