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The small town of Ludbreg is located in northwestern part of Croatia. Having recognized the excellent transport position of the town, the old Romans built Castrum Ioviu, a town with full infrastructure, sewage, a forum and a spa, which became a commercial and transport center.

According to a legend dating back to the era, imaginative earthly circles with large metropolises on their edges were located right here. The legend has been confirmed by Dr. Erasmus Weddigen of Switzerland – having selected Ludbreg that he literally adored as the center, he made circles around the map and noticed that major cities were located on this imaginative line.

Ludbreg, Batthyany Castle

Ludbreg is also a well known 500 years old religious center. It is a Eucharist shrine unique to Croatia and one of the few ones in the Christian world established by a written decree of the Holy Father.

The Bulla issued by Pope Leon X on 14 April 1513 recognized and acknowledged the miraculous appearance of the Holy Blood of Christ in the chapel of the former medieval Ludbreg fort.

Every year in late August and early September, they traditionally hold one of the biggest parish fairs in Croatia, the Ludbreg Holy Sunday.

While taking a break from studying the numerous cultural and historical monuments and tradition in Ludbreg, you can engage in various other activities in the region, such as hiking, recreation, fishing and enjoying the autochthonous food and wine that have made this region popular.

Ludbreg, Church of Holly Trinity

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