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Mexico has always been in the list of most preferred holiday destinations of the visitors that range right from the backpackers to families. It is a natural, cultural, adventurous, and archaeological paradise that suits to the varied tastes of the millions of tourists who have made Mexico one of the most visited destinations in the world. And above all, the year-long tropical climate taking care of the azure Pacific waters always offers a pleasant stay no matter which time of the year you come here.

Mexico is for those who are seeking laid back leisure on pure sands and is even for those who are looking to enjoy in an opulent resort. Most of the time, visitors like to explore the luxury beachside resorts or spas along the famous Riviera Maya from where they can easily plan their water excursions as well as archaeological trips. Here, are some great stops for luxury vacations in Mexico.


This is one of the prime spots for luxury vacations here with its all-inclusive resorts, all possible water sports, and the calm crystal blue Caribbean waters. Seriously, luxury resides here in its different outlook along with 450,000 permanent inhabitants who are friendly enough to reveal the history via a plethora of attractions. Among them, the most visited is the archaeological site of Chichen Itza where ascending the hundreds of stairs to be at the peak is the favorite activity. Come here while the sun sets to spot a snake shadow slowly gliding the pyramid temple. This is the brilliant art work of the history now shrouded in mystery. And yes, you can stay in great resorts such as Hyatt Regency, Gran Melia, Moon Palace, and Sapphire Riviera. And yes, do explore the underwater museum here! Surprised? Do not be; just dive to explore it!


If Cancun is in the list of luxury vacations in Mexico, how can I leave behind Cozumel? Here, this time, just leave behind the 5-star resorts and Palancar reef famous for diving and snorkeling and experience a different journey on the U.S. Coast Guard Certified submarine, The Atlantis. On this ride of 40 minutes, avoid getting wet, but yet grab the opportunity to spot the underwater sea life. Inside it, you can enjoy air-conditioned accommodations while marveling via the big picture windows at the varied sea life. And yes, do sail alongside the west coast to discover the marine attraction, Chankanaab.

Cabo San Lucas

Nestled on the sunlit Baja Peninsula, this is the landscape featuring dry, desert mountainous scenery with the 360 degree vistas of the ocean. One of most luxurious accommodations here is the Playa Grande Resort and Grand Spa that is really excellent from all angles. People mostly come here to discover one of the wonderful attractions named the Arch at Land’s End on the southern tip. This refers to the spectacular rock formations and they look impressive as they soar from the point where the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean intersect. Come here during the low tide via a sea taxi when you can stroll via the rocks.


This Central American nation in the south is known for the famous Blue Hole diving and snorkeling, one of the best in the world! Flanked by the temperate Caribbean waters on whose shores there reside lavish resorts, Belize is a perfect luxury destination vacation. The most luxurious resort here is The Inn at Robert’s Grove with a spa, but for luxurious stay and extravagant spa as well as water sports, Almond Beach Belize Resort & Spa is the best! If you want to add the treat of dinning by the beach, go for the Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort.