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Marseille, France’s oldest city and second largest, after its capital, Paris, is located in the heart of Provence des Alpes Maritimes eager to conceal the true treasures to be discovered by any tourist who loves adventure.

As one of Europe’s biggest port, Marseille (Marseille) is revealed as a paradise for fishing, where fish trade represents a hundred years in all major activities of the locals. On the beach, the atmosphere resembles that of the 1900s, where harmony reigns between the merchant and buyer nets filled with rich dark waters.

Marseille, old port

Marseille has a fascinating and eventful history: the city, founded by the Greeks 2,600 years ago under the name Massalia, was one of the first ports and also the first Greek settlement that received city status. Then, it was conquered by the Romans and was called Massilia. Later, that autonomous republic survived until the thirteenth century, when it was conquered by the Count of Anjou and became the subject of France. During the Second World War, the old port of the city was bombed at the orders of Hitler and it was rebuilt at a later date.

Although a busy city, Marseille draws tourists from all around the world to prosper and remain amazed by the relaxed life of the locals. At every street corner, each route is accompanied by music, never tired, and singers who make living from the sympathetic passers gestures. The city looks like a colorful picture: tourists from all over the world, locals, beggars or traders of any nation gather here every day. Everyone is welcomed and integrated into the landscape.

Marseille, Vieux port

Hundreds of terraces contribute to the atmosphere of the little lousy city since the first hours of the morning, ready to delight customers with the finest tastes and numerous choices of snacks and drinks. From here originated the famous bouillabaise – traditional Provencal food, the consistency of thick soups or stews with several kinds of fish and shellfish, and vegetables, flavored with spices and good quality, of course, herbs de Provence.

With a mysterious blend of commerce, shipping, nightlife and gifts to its residents, Marseilles offers unique nature and charm of this town bourgeois who still list the locations in southern France that need to be discovered and understood with all the history, culture and sights that they possess. Not incidentally, the city of Marseille was given the title of European Capital of Culture 2013.

Marseille, Basilica Notre Dame de la Garde