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The name perhaps states it all. Though Paris boasts of many museums, there is one thing that sets this one apart from the rest. This is perhaps the only museum where one can find a huge collection of private Art Nouveau décor and objects. It is doubtful if there are any individuals who have not heard of the name Pierre Cardin.

This person, who was also the owner of the Maxim’s restaurant since the year 1981, had spent 60 years of his life collecting art nouveau collection from all over the world. Approximately 500 of such collections are put up for view in this museum.

Take some time on your hands when you visit this museum, because its fabled collections take up all of three floors. It is time you paid a visit to Maxim’s Art Nouveau “Collection 1900”, especially if you are wondering how the figure 1900 comes up in the name, check out the fourth floor where you can view the legendary courtesan’s world of `Belle Epoch,’ exactly as it was during the 1900s.

Discover some of the rare collections that are signed by names as famous as Tiffany, Majorelle, and Toulouse-Lautrec. Let you eyes feast on the cluster of pearls, rubies, and diamonds. Do not miss out on the glittering china from the Riviera or the serving table by Majorelle.