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My recent trip to Ireland was wonderful, It was the first time I was going there with my friends. I would like to recommend three locations which I personally liked in the UK.In Ireland I had a great time, Its a naturally beautiful place with very nice atmosphere. I felt very comfortable throughout my stay and it was really peaceful. My trip to Dublin was really memorable one, I enjoyed my stay and never felt like leaving that place. Well Dublin is a bit expensive but a great place.

Belfast trip was a memorable as well We had last minute selection of Flights to Belfast and we were in a hurry.
We enjoyed a lot in the City hall and the parks and gardens were really wonderful. This place is warm and very good as far as the climate is concerned .

The people here are really peaceful and they really respect their culture very well. All the tourists enjoy the flavor of Irish culture and mainly Irish language and Food.

The most important thing about these places is that you can have a wonderful Cruise travel and which is the best in the world. We had our cruise travel on Viking River Cruise which was the most memorable trip ever. Smooth and steady ride over the water was breath taking. Most of the places in this country has beautiful beaches with very clear water very ideal for the water sports.

We had great sessions of water bike races and very thrilling experience with surfing. It was so exciting to surf in extremely cold waters.

Well for those who are bored with the England tours I would recommend to have a trip to Ireland. I assure you that it will be a nice experience and you will not regret it.