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So you are finally in the land of colour, hues, vibrance and radiance. The land of Mexico. How could you avoid going to the great adventurous spots > You never should. Just go ahead and let your hair down and enjoy.

So you have to just accept that certain missions are possible in the land of dreams, adventure and excitement – Mexico.

Come to the Valle de Los Cirios in Baja California and you would see the lovely patch between the Sierra de San Pedro Martir and the Vizcaino desert. This lovely protection of forests with the best kind of formations of rocks, and the ideal growth of cacti envisages the best adventurous destination for all tourists seeking fun and excitement. The Paschal candles rising up to a height of 15m ensure that the people coming here get the best out of their search for excitement and adventure tours in Mexico. Here you could see the cougars, runaway sheep, coyotes, owls, deer, hawks, eagles birds, falcons etc.

Then go to the Valle de Bravo in the state of Mexico and enjoy the adventure here. This is a great place because of the tourist facilities and also the fact that it is very near the city of Mexico, and this makes the place a great place for a getaway. You can go with your family here and enjoy. There is a dam here that is the best place for water sports. So sports such as angling and sailing thrive here and the glider is the one sport that sets your adrenaline rushing high. The services here are good and you are guaranteed the best excitement in Mexico if you are here. Go for these adventure tours for sure In this part of the world.

Then you have the Barrancas del Cobre at Chihuahua which is one of the best places for adventure tours. This is situated in the Sierra Tarahumara and has the best kinds of spots to visit. Please remember this is not for the weak hearted. There are activities like mountain biking, rafting, rock climbing and many other sports. If you want to go for those lovely walks sitting on a horse you could do it here and then enjoy the virgin greenery here.. This is certainly a must see tourist destination for adventure sports and the Pacific train or the Chepe is the one thing that you will always remember about this place long after you leave it. Then you have the visit to the raramuris village which is nearby and the Canyon that overlooks the entire region is the best sight ever with its sheer beauty and the superb panoramic views it gives.

Monterrey could be your next adventure tours spot and it is Cascada Cola de Caballo that you should head for. Situated in Santiago , this is around 40 km from Monterry and there is a certain beauty about this place that makes you completely mesmerized. The flora and fauna here is special and unique and it is the ideal place for a nature lover.

There are many more adventure tours in Mexico but first head for these.