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Todos Santos New Year at Mexico: About 45 miles north of Cabo San Lucas, the Todos Santos seems like a fascinating and magical place when visiting around New Year celebrations. With the great laid-back energy, artsy vibes Todos Santos of Mexico is the heart of this place, which allures numerous of holiday planners every year.

Tropical East Mexico: The eastern part of Mexico is pretty much famous for its lush green vegetables. Not just raw, and fresh vegetables but also old traditional heaped dishes cooked with local Mexican blend with unique flavour of Mexican species, and that is what makes it an amazing experience.

Paricutin: a small remnant town yet having its modernity, Paricutin is a tropical region of Mexico and even a very simple place while having simplicity in its every corner. People at Paricutin are very friendly; they welcome every visitor as their own guests, and serve them best.

Western Mexico City: The extremes of this place says it all, the wealth, rich culture, traditions and even its modernity Western Mexico City is even more lively and its holds the pride of its traditional gifts in the form of dynamic Contemporary temples. The Aztec Temple of the city stands apart among all, which surely attract every visitor to come back and adore this place once more.

Earthship at New Mexico: The reason why this place is known best for as Earth ship, with nature is that, local people have made this place out of all modern odds, hence making it eco-friendly. Water catchments, harnessing solar power are very common among local Mexican people. Even there are many other separate units owned by Mexico people accordingly where people can grow their own food in green houses.

North Mexico: The pacific coast and the Yucatan’s flatlands the Northern part of Mexico is perfect for those who love cycling, even cycling in the early morning and at the evening is great time to watch the Mexican beauty from the top.

Basaseachic Falls: Close to about 1000ft in height, Basaseachic falls is world famous for its unique waterfalls in Chihuahua while having impressive rocky arch.

Monarch Migration in south Mexico: for hiking lovers the mountains of Michoacan is the best place which one cannot find anywhere else. One may visit for the first time and would not be able to resist oneself to come again and explore its beauty.

Fishing in Mexico: the northwestern part of New Mexico is the place where you can just sit and relax while sailing and fishing and people says this place is beauty rich along with amazing atmosphere.