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In earlier post Mexico culture: Special Holidays and its celebrations Part 1 I had written some of the days which means lot to the Mexican people because these days seems to signify something important which they celebrate, have a festival or holiday. Mexico is famous for its cuisine, culture, beautiful places and so many things to do. As I mentioned in my earlier post plan your vacation accordingly such that you can take part in those celebrations which make visiting Mexico more exciting and memorable experience. Now continuing with the list of holidays, festivals and celebrations:

1ST May IS celebrated as the Primero de Mayo which is Mexico’s national holiday. This holiday is more like the America’s Labour Day.

3rd May is celebrated as the Holy Cross Day which is known as Día de la Santa Cruz. This day is special for the workers who are into construction line. As on this day construction workers celebrate it by mounting a cross on construction site. Then they decorate the place, have picnic over there and there is also fireworks.

5th May is celebration done for a victory known as the Cinco de Mayo, Mexico’s national holiday. Pays homage and honor to the Mexican victory defeating the French army at Puebla de los Angeles in year 1862.

10th May is the Mother’s Day. Mexican culture gives mother their due importance, and reveres them, by giving gifts to their mother. Also this day is therefore a significant holiday in Mexican calendar.

1st June is official Navy Day and is national holiday of Mexico.

24th June is celebrated as the Saint John the Baptist Day. This is religious festival, along with fairs being organised. This day there are special jokes being cracked on getting dunk in water.

29th June is celebrated as the Fiesta of the Saint Peter and the Saint Paul. Most notable celebrations happen in the Mexcaltitán, the Nayarit and the Zaachila, in Oaxaca.

1st September is approximate date, mostly this is held in beginning of autumn, the day is known as the Annual State of the Union. On this day the President of Mexico addresses the nation.

16th September is celebrated as the Mexican Independence Day. On this day Miguel Hidalgo had deliver El Grito de Dolores, and then had announce revolt of Mexican people against the Spanish rule.

12th October is again a national holiday where there is celebration is for Día de la Raza. This is significant day, as it is on this day that Columbus’ arrived to the Americas, and also it is celebration for historical origin of Mexican race.

On the 1st and 2nd November, a two day fest which is known in Mexico as Día de los Muertos is Day of the Dead celebration. One the most important Mexico’s holiday. As this festival merges the Pre-Columbian beliefs with the modern Catholocism. Worshipping of their dead ones and celebrating along with food, giving gifts to dead and all is done.

20th November is known as the Mexican Revolution Day, a national holiday, remembering the Mexican revolution of1910.

12th December is celebrated as the Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe or in common language it’s the day of Virgin of Guadalupe which honors the Mexico’s Patron Saint by celebrating with feast.

16th December is the Las Posadas celebrations begins and continues till January 6th. The celebration is for Joseph and Mary searching for shelter in the Bethlehem. People celebrate it with processions with candlelight that end at many nativity scenes.

25th December is celebrated as the Navidad that is the Christmas holiday.