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For years Disneyland has been a symbol of magic and enjoyment for children all over the world. The mystery and adventure that precedes a trip to the famed resort on the outskirts of Paris usually ensures plenty of disturbed night’s sleep for parents. However, there is more magic to discover in the city that is likely to keep children entertained.

From the many iconic monuments to other theme parks, and even places that serve incredible ice-cream, Paris has everything.

The Enchanting Eiffel Tower

Of course, dragging your children around sight-seeing might not tick the box for them but small doses of it can certainly work. Taking a trip to the Eiffel Tower is one adventure they are sure to love.

Those brave enough might even consider climbing the many steps up the tower to unlock some of the best views of the city. Another alternative is to visit at night when it is fully lit up and the partisan atmosphere is in full flow; it offers an enchanting spectacle.

A Comic Book Park

For a little more fun, Parc Asterix appeals to children and big kids. Anyone familiar with the old comic will recognise many of the characters and there are plenty of rides ranging from the relaxing to the terrifying.

The park is on the outskirts of the city but easily reachable via public transport.

The Envy of Other Capital Cities

The city is one of the greenest in Europe, with plenty of gardens to relax in and discover after arriving on flights to Paris. Jardin d’Acclimatation is one of the best in the city, home to mynah birds, well versed in tourist speak, and then there are the many floral arrangements of resplendent colour.

Magical Ice-Cream

As an extra treat, on the island where Notre Dame is, a magical ice-cream shop concocts all kinds of wonderful flavours – and a few interesting ones to boot – to please all taste buds.

This is a great place to take the children and indulge them with a multitude of ice-cream flavours and colours.