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Those who are familiar with the name Baccarat, need no introduction to this museum. However, here is a small introduction for those who do not. Known in the English language as the Baccarat Museum, this building is located in an esteemed mansion on the Place des Etats-Unis.

Those who are familiar with the history of this city will recall that this building is the same where the patron of art, Marie-Laure de Noailles used to stay.

Those who do not know about this lady will love to learn that she was famous for her patronage of the arts and was closely associated with famous art personalities like Man Ray, Salvador Dali, Jean Hugo, Jean Cocteau, and many others. This is the same place in which parties were thrown by Marie-Laure de Noailles which were attended by the famous personalities she was associated with.

Stroll across carefully and feast your eyes on exhibits like a 2-meter high chair made out of glass. Visitors are generally surprised by the speaking Baccarat vases, which utilize continuous soundtracks and holography to create a surreal effect.

Visitors are requested to check out the signature crystal pieces that also include glassware used by Pope John Paul II & F.D. Roosevelt. This museum also houses a restaurant that is arguably one of the best in the city.