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The exhibit at the entrance of the Musée national de la Marine discloses everything that the Musée national de la Marine holds for its visitors. Those who are visiting Paris, especially those who have a fascination for ships, should not miss this museum. The 1/16th scaled down version of Océan, a 118-gun three-deck ship of the French navy greets visitors at the entrance of this museum.

This museum had its humble beginnings in the year 1748 when Henri-Louis du Monceau offered a collection of naval installations along with ship models to Louis XV of France. This collection was eventually put up for display in the year 1752.

The room, where these exhibits were housed, was called the `Navy Room.’ It closed down in the year 1793 because of the French Revolution. From that time onwards, this museum has witnessed many changes, with famous personalities like Napoleon adding to the vast collection.

The museum as it stands now had been opened due to the request of Charles X and the task for doing the same was entrusted to Pierre Zede. Today this museum houses hundreds of replicas of small ships and provides details to visitors about the French navy and dockyards from the thirteenth century onwards.