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Because of the open Sea, the city of Nantes managed to develop greatly over the previous years and nowadays it is one of the most important Ports in the French territory. Furthermore, a great number of people regard is as the center of the western part of Metropolitan France and is also one of the most significant cities of the country.

Being a massive commercial and industrial center, the city of Nantes includes a great number of banks and drug factories. Furthermore, other aspect worth mentioning about is the strongly developed information technology industry. In addition to all these, the city is an equally important academic center and cultural place and is famous all over the continent for the quality of the education offered here. From time to time, there are some impressive cultural events and festivals that should not be missed if you are in the city when they are organized. Some of them are really popular among most of the citizens, locals and visitors.

Nantes, Quai de la fosse

One of the most important events is the annual carnival held in April. In addition to this, there is the Summer Festival in June, when numerous musicians from all over the world gather here to produce a unique atmosphere. In terms of museums and other similar attractions, there is the opera, which is one of the most spectacular buildings in the city of Nantes. This is mainly because the French architecture included in its construction is a very spectacular ones and combines modern trends with the more classic ones.

Furthermore, the cultural Centre Loire-Atlantique regularly hosts events and shows, while the Dukes of Brittany Castle are built in the thirteenth century. There once was an original structure of it, but this was demolished back in the 15th century. Nowadays, however, the remains of the old structure can be admired by every visitor.

The place also features a fortress that includes seven towers, each of them being used in the past for defending the palace of the Duke. Over the years, numerous kings of the country lived here and recently it became one of the most important historical monuments of the area.

Nantes, Bretagne tower

Finally, other attractions include the Art Museum, which is famous because it features numerous rich collections of artists such as Courbet, Picasso and many others. The Natural History Museum features zoological, botanical, mineral collections exhibitions from prehistory and more.