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Nimes has the greatest wealth of ancient buildings in France and is located at the foot of the Cévennes Mountains in the north-west of the delta of the Rhone, between Avignon and Monpellier. Nimes was used by architects such as Jean Nouvel and Philippe Starck to renew certain buildings and became the most innovative, dynamic and energetic city in the Languedoc.

Nimes was a Roman city and from the remaining structures, such as the arenas that closely resembles the Roman Colosseum this fact is obvious. Emperor Augustus established the colony and lived Nemausensis gloriein moments of the second century, before being killed by the Vandals in the fifth century.

Nimes, Roman arena

The main points of interest of the city are situated relatively close to each other, between avenues Liberation, Gambetta, Victor Hugo and Admiral Coubet.

Nimes is a city in southern France. The administrative center of the department of Gard. Nîmes has a rich history. This site was established in early 4000 BC. Most of the attractions are situated here.. The most important monuments include the Diane Church, Pont du Gard aqueduct, temple Maison Carrey Gateway Port Augusta, Fountain JARDINS DE LA FONTAINE, Roman ruins of the Tower Tour Magne, gardens and Les Jardins de la Fontaine Arènes Amphitheater, already built 1st century AD.

Nimes, Roman temple

This amphitheater is one of the best in France. Because of this, you should make sure you never miss it, as well as the Nimes Museum of Fine Arts, which translates to Musée des Beaux-Arts.  In addition to this, another important suggestion and objective that you should consider is the Culture museum. Nimes is historically known as a result of textile manufacturing. In here, you can find a great number of jeans brands available, with most of them coming from everywhere around the world. Currently, the city of Nimes is home for more than 140,000 people.

As for the curiosities from Nimes and the surrounding areas, some of the most important ones are as follows: Avignon, at a distance of 28 km, Arles, which is situated 28 km away, Gardsky Bridge at 19 km and the famous Arles Museum, at 28 km as well.

Nimes, Pont du Gard is a part of Roman aqueduct in southern France near Nimes

With such impressive destinations and objectives, the city of Nimes is totally worth visiting. Because of this, whenever you have the chance to step onto the French territory, make sure you include it into your holiday plans because you will never be disappointed.