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Traveling to a country is amazing enough but finding the right time to enjoy the rich cultural heritage and various festivities that the country has to offer can make your vacation nearest to perfection. Enjoying cultural events and festivities in a Norway holiday should be the target of all tourists who are planning to visit the country. The land of the midnight sun has a rich history and culture to offer especially to those who are itching to experience the country’s flavor and to adventure seekers alike.

Getting to Norway is an easy enough feat. Wherever you might be coming from, chances are there will be commercial airplanes plying the route to the country either directly or through series of connecting flights. When you’re coming from Europe, there are more options available for the traveler. Trains and buses for example can take you to Norway. However, it would be best to adjust your schedules if you’re taking the latter since planes are obviously faster. Another option is going to the country via sea transport. The picturesque voyage over the vast ocean is a holiday in itself.

Arranging your travel schedule once you entered the country can be made easy by a lot of commercial tour agencies/guides. These guys can help you organize your trip depending on what kind of destination activities you want.

You can drive in a rented car around the country or try exploring Norway via a train ride and enjoy the rolling hills, challenging mountain ranges and other picturesque views.

There are a lot of interesting destinations in Norway. But nothing is more interesting than to participate in local festivities. For example, the Oslo Jazz festival which happens in August is a good way place to enjoy what the country has to offer. Another local and interesting festival is the Rain Fest in Bergen. The event actually starts during the wet season and ends at the start of autumn. Another event is the Oslo Pride Festival which is also known as the Skeive dager held in June. This is a gay and lesbian event and celebrates their freedom from prejudice and of being ostracized years ago. A little warning though, the Pride Festival is not for the weak at heart and definitely not for people who are highly religious and very conservative. However, if you’re going to travel in other countries you might as well keep an open mind to cultural differences that fall beyond your own comfort zone.

If you are the artsy-fartsy kind of tourists, then the Bergen Art Festival is the place to go. The festivities are held every October and are quite a crowd drawer. Art here is combined with a burst of Norweigan culture. Many tourists and even locals alike eagerly await the October event to exhibit their art works. Nothing can get closer with immersing yourself to the country’s popular culture than this event. This is definitely a place to be during a Norway holiday and enjoying cultural events and festivities.