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Most people look forward to spending their holidays out of the country. It is not a mystery really, especially if one has a very stressful job. All that stress can build up and erupt. So at some point you just want to leave it all behind, unwind and enjoy life with just you (or with you and your better half or with you and your family, whatever the case maybe) and your holiday destination.

Nowadays, there are a lot and I mean a lot of types of holiday vacations, each one bringing out a different experience. From a ship cruise to a hiking trip, from simple kayaking to a walking holiday in Norway, everything is just like a buffet of holiday destinations and tour packages. And nothing is more interesting than going a walking tour to Norway, the land of the midnight sun.

Walking tours are good ways to spend your vacation. You can enjoy the sceneries, fresh air and get to see a whole new culture and participate in festivities as you explore Norway on foot. This is true not only in Norway. Each country is unique and travel agencies offer you selections of walking tours to choose from.

In Norway, what you will enjoy are the picturesque panoramas of snow capped mountains, fjords like the Western Fjords in Sognefjord which is long and deep and scattered small communities like farm and fishing villages filled with unspoiled beauty and rich in culture and history. Hiking in the Norway wilderness is also one of your options. The forests are simply enchanting. Tourists will feel free to roam around Norway without being crowded due to the low population density of the country. This is totally unlike Hong Kong, New York or Tokyo where it is so crowded.

You can go on a winter holiday in Norway as well. In fact we recommend that you do. The country’s Rondane National Park for example is a great opportunity to try the popular snowshoeing activity which is being promoted by tour agencies. What you will enjoy with this winter walking tour are the fresh snow surroundings, log cabins, the winter forest landscape, frozen lakes and the breathtaking views on top of the rolling hills.

If you want to enjoy an island adventure, Norway has a lot to offer as well. The Lofoten Islands for example has pristine beaches and have those quaint little fishing villages that I mentioned earlier. These villages embrace tourists and tour guides offer a whole package of natured based activities such as trips at sea or exploring the mountain routes of the island. For a more unique and memorable experience, you can find traditional fisherman’s cabin called Rorbu to stay in during your time in the islands.

Usually these cabins have a great view of the Atlantic coast and a great view of the midnight sun from May to mid July.

A walking holiday in Norway does not mean getting those packaged tours. You can set your own pace and explore the country on your own. In each destination in Norway, there are local guides that will help you choose the best route and will show you which places are interesting to go.