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Orleans is the northernmost of the historic cities of the Loire Valley. In here there is an important university, which has continued to teach law after it was banned by Pope Honorius in 1219. But the most famous personality is undoubtedly Joan of Arc, Orleans heroine that saved the British siege of seven months of 1429, then led the Dauphin Charles VII to be crowned Rims. 8 May Day is the day Joan of Arc, and the whole week is marked by parades and fireworks. In Sainte Croix cathedral is France’s patron of the pedestal.

Orleans, monument of Jeanne d'Arc on Place du Martroi

Since Aurelianum, in the third century, the Roman city was a settlement of great importance, being situated at the crossroads of major roads. In 451 the city was besieged by Attila, but was liberated by the courageous Bishop Aignan, later canonized. In 498 he was captured by King Clovis.

The city is located just 100 km south of Paris and is a place full of history and tradition, and a village identity that will be forever linked to the legendary Joan of Arc, the English occupied the city releasing in 1429. It was not only a great victory for the French, but also a symbolic triumph against a traditional enemy, and Orleans, the city acquired a sacred status, especially after the death of the Virgin of Orleans. Beyond this specific Orleans is today a modern city with many historical and tourist attractions, and many shops and the old center where motorized traffic is prohibited.

Orleans old town

Some of the major sights to be visited are as follows:

The Cathedral of St-Croix: Here you will find an altar decorated with scenes from the life of Joan of Arc, that nineteenth-century stained glass windows and impressive, demonstrating how important the Virgin of Orleans was the city’s history.

Maison de Jeanne d’Arc: museum details the life of Joan of Arc.

Natural Science Museum: collections, although not very rich, are varied and interesting, intelligently presented in the halls of the building.

Floral Park: situated in a beautiful park full of flowers of all kinds, located near the source of the river Loiret, a tributary of the Loire

Because of all these aspects and touristic spots, you are totally recommended to visit the city of Orleans if you have the chance to pass by it. You will never regret it and you will find in it the perfect place for relaxing and forgetting about stress.