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The 30 km long Ozalj-Vivodina wine-road in Karlovac County combines 11 of the best known wine manufacturers from this eminent wine-rich area into a unique whole. The wine-road stretches over 30 km from Vivodina to Vrhovac. The wine-road  was implemented by the Ozalj winegrowers’, winemakers’ and fruit-farmers’ association, in cooperation with the Karlovac County Tourist association.

In the Ozalj-Vivodina area, 80 hectares of land is covered by vineyards, and among the best it has to offer are the wine sorts Graševina, Sauvignon, the Rhein Riesling, Red pinot, Frankovka, Zweigelt and the young wine portugizac (“the Portuguese”) and the Žuti muškat (“the yellow mace”). The desire of the initiators of the wine-road is that all visitors to their region, on top of a top-notch culinary offering of superb specialties, taste quality wine from 11 family farms, while at the same time enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

Wine-making has a very long and rich tradition in this region, and from available sources, it can be concluded that inhabitants of the village Vivodina were wine-makers as early as the middle ages. Out of the 70 Vivodina documents from 1550 to 1776, kept in the national archive in Zagreb, 32 are purchase contracts of Vivodina locals selling or giving each other vineyards.

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