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Papuk is a significant mountain in the chain of the Slavonian mountains which closes the Požega valley on its northern side.

Geologically, it is predominantly composed of eruptive and metamorphic rocks, less of limestone and dolomites.

Height does not exceed 1,000 metres. The slopes are covered by lush beech forests, but excessive felling of beech trees has resulted in areas now under common silver birch.

On the ridges and in dryer places there are forests of chestnut oak, while in the warmer southern areas, and in cooler habitats, are sweet chestnut and forests of chestnut oak and hornbeam.

Papuk Nature Park

Above the limestone and dolomite zone, on protected southern positions there are individual trees of hop hornbeam and bay oak. At the top of the western Papuk there are beech and fir forests.

The geological base and rich forest cover ensure an abundance of springs and waterways. The sunny slopes are covered by vineyards up to a height of 500 metres.

Protected areas on Papuk are the Rupnica geomorphological monument, the fir forest reserve of Sekulinačka planina, and the Jnakovac park forest.

There are also numerous excursion destinations: Zvečevo, Đedovica and Voćin, the bathing facility at Velika, etc.

Papuk Nature Park Waterfall

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