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Paneda Geres is one of the unique state-run reserve, which is found in the locale Vila Real and Braga. The National reserves was established on 8th May, 1971 with the main objective of protecting its natural values as well as attracting tourists. Paneda Geres attracts a large number of tourists mostly due to its fantastic natural surroundings and those interested in knowing the history of the place. The park has a unique climate with rare flora and fauna mostly because of its geographical position between the Euro-Siberian region and the Mediterranean.

The park can be accessed by different methods of transport including Road transportation, Rail transportation and Air transportation.  Air transportation cannot be accessed near the park there are other means that one can use to get to the park. There is a train railway line passing through the national park from the South side all across to the interior. Getting to the park by means of a bus or a rental car is another way to fully enjoy the scenario offered in the area. Tour trips to the national park are also offered to the visitors.

Geres National Park

The oldest evidence of human inhabitants in the region dates back to about 3000BC mostly because of the caves that were used as shelters back then. Visitors can navigate through the old roman roads and bridges that cross through the park to Astorga in Spain. The park also had inhabitants who lived in two different villages according to the yearly seasons. Archeological remaining and monuments can also be found dispersed along the national park in places such as Calcedónia and Castro Laboreiro where the castors are located.

Paneda Geres has the geographical sites where the Iberian wolf and the Royal eagle settled. Although the bear and the wild goat have disappeared altogether from the park other wildlife such as the titmouse, kite and reptiles can be found within as well as other rare plant species.

Geres National Park

There are six camp sites in Paneda Geres National Park, where any visitor can pitch a tent and several paths leading to the castors and the monastery. The camping sites provide a place to relax after exploring the many waterfalls around the park. For those interested in waterfall, one ought to check out for location sites where dam water is low. Paneda Geres National Park has a lot to offer in terms of fascinating natural beauty and historical remains making it an ideal place for exploration.