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Picardy is one of the most important regions of France and includes numerous cities with hundreds of destinations to visit when you are in the area. The following lines will provide you with some useful information about some of these cities, which you will be able to use the next time you decide to travel to France.

First of all, there is the town known under the name of Chantilly, which is located in the north-eastern part of the metropolitan area of Paris, in the Picardy department. Today about 11 000 inhabitants live here, with the city attracting visitors mainly for its beautiful castle.

Chantilly City is small city which is about 40 km from central Paris. It is surrounded by vast forests. The main tourist attractions for many visitors are the local Chantilly castle, which is regarded as one of the most spectacular ones in the entire country.

What you should also know about this city is that Chantilly Tourist Service offers a wide range of accommodation services. It also includes some quality restaurants, such as La Bohème, Le 32, Le Relais du Bois Saint Denis, the Trattoria Giorgio or the restaurant called Tamayo. Some of the most important events that takes place in Chantilly are the Horse Race, the Jockey Club and Prix de Diane. There are also two main breeds of horses that are kept at the local racecourse. In addition to this, there is also a wonderful golf course that can be used by every visitor.

Another important city is Saint-Quentin, a France destination located in the north-east. With around 55,000 inhabitants and an impressive administrative structure, the city of Saint-Quentin attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Some of the most important curiosities of this town include the belfry in Belgium and France, at about 36 km, Cathedral of Amiens (France) about 71 km, Cave de l’Abime (Belgium), about 91 km, the flint Site Stone for the Spiennes (Mons) (Belgium) about 81 km, Reims (France) about 85 km, Cathedral Notre Queen Reims (Reims) (France), about 86 km, Beloeil Castle (Belgium) about 84 km, Strépy-Thieu boat lift (Belgium) about 91 km, Notre-Dame de Tournai. (Belgium), about 84 km, four lock on the Canal du Centre and its surroundings, and Le Roeulx La Louviere (Belgium) about 93 km, Block Chantilly (France) about 93 km and hurray Musée du Cheval (France), at about 93 km.