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Croatia has a total of 37 kilometers of maintained ski runs. Platak, a family ski resort with around ten kilometers of ski runs situated in the immediate vicinity of the City of Rijeka, is the largest ski resort. Offering numerous recreation options throughout the year, Platak is probably the only ski resort in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar region where you can enjoy a sea view from the top of the ski lift at 1363 meters above sea level.

Platak was developed in mid-20th century, and has become very popular in the 1980s when it had its best years. The 1990s put Platak to sleep, but recent years have seen some intensive work on its revival and modernization.

Obsolete equipment was replaced, investments are made in snow-making machinery, new snow-grooming vehicles were procured, the lifts are being reconstructed, the slopes were renovated, the parking lot was improved and expanded, and the hospitality facilities were fully redesigned. Platak also has a cross-country skiing track, skiing and snowboarding schools, and the offer has recently been supplemented with nighttime skiing.

In addition to skiing equipment, visitors can rent regular and motor sleds. Having one double chairlift and three T-bar lifts leading to seven ski runs, Platak is an ideal ski resort for families and recreationists preferring small skiing oases to oversized and crowded ski resorts.

Platak Ski Resort

During the rest of the year, Platak offers a different type of recreation. After the snow melts, it turns into an attractive excursion site for hikers, mountaineers and lovers of nature and mountains. The macadam trails around Platak are excellent for mountain biking or walks, with the mountain peaks Snježnik and Risnjak and their beautiful belvederes just a few hours’ walk away, reachable via developed and marked mountain trails.

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