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If you are traveling in Paris and want to cross the River Seine to reach the Hôtel des Invalides from the Petil Palais and enjoy the journey, your best option would be to opt for the Pont Alexandre III.

Those who are knowledgeable about this history of this city will tell you that this bridge is a part of several projects that were taken up during the end of the nineteenth century because of the Universal Exposition that was held in the year 1900. Do not confuse this bridge with any of the other bridges in the city and a brief visit during the night will reveal more.

Enthrall in the romantic atmosphere created by its nymphs, cherubs, winged horses, and art nouveau lamps that are located on either end of this bridge. The style of the Grand Palais, which the Pont Alexandre III leads to, is clearly reflected in the style of this bridge.

According to most, this bridge was considered an engineering marvel when it was constructed. The renowned engineers Gaston Cousin and Joseph Cassein-Bernard drafted the design of this bridge. Even though this bridge boasts of a single 6-meter high steel span, the same is aligned in such a manner that it does not block the view of either the Hôtel des Invalides or the Champs-Élysées.