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You should not miss viewing the Pont des Arts, especially if you posses a fascination for bridges and similar constructions. While crossing this splendor, try to keep in mind that this bridge was the first one of its kind, made out of iron, when it was constructed in the year 1803. More than two centuries have passed, yet this bridge still manages to awe tourists from the country and from abroad.

The construction of this nine-arch metal bridge, built specifically for pedestrians, took place between the years 1802-1804. The architects that designed this bridge had planned it in such a way that it would look like a suspended garden replete with benches and banks of flowers.

The Pont des Arts has since inception met with a number of misshapenness. It was badly damaged during the course of the First and the Second World War. Apart from that, there was more harm done due to multiple collisions from boats. Keeping all these things in mind and the danger posed by the bridge, the authorities shut it down in the year 1976.

The bridge, as it stands today, is a reconstruction made according to the exact plans of the original. Only the number of arches has been reduced from nine to seven. This new Pont des Arts was commissioned in the year 1984.