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With a usable width of 18 meters that includes two pavements of 2 meters each, the Pont des Invalides is a 152 meters long bridge that crosses the River Seine in Paris. What makes this bridge different from the others in the city is that it is the lowest bridge that crosses the River Seine.

The history of this bridge dates back to the year 1821 when engineer Claude Navier thought about a bridge that would cross the River Seine in a single span without the need of any additional support in between. The initial project that begun in 1824 had to be abandoned due to the appearance of several cracks on the bridge.

It was much later on, in the year 1829 that two engineers, Bayars de la Vingtrie and de Verges took over the task of constructing another bridge a bit upstream from the old one. This suspension bridge consisted of three porticos and two piers. This bridge demolished in the year 1854 and a new one was built in its place keeping in mind the upcoming 1855 World Fair in the city.

Engineers Jules Savarin and Paul-Martin Gallocher de Lagalisserie took upon this task. They decided to keep the existing piers of the old bridge and added a central pier to it. Tourists should check out the sculptures on the piers.