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Tourists visiting Paris often waste so much time visiting other spots that they tend to forget that there is much more to the city than just churches and museums. Case in point is the Pont Neuf bridge. It is arguably one of the most beautiful and most renowned of bridges in Paris.

According to history only two bridges crossed River Seine towards the middle of the sixteenth century. It was due to this that there always was overcrowding of these two bridges. Keeping this is mind, King Henry the 3rd decided to construct a new bridge in the year 1578. However, it took a long time to complete before King Henry the fourth declared the bridge open.

This even took place in the year 1607 and the king named the bridge Pont Neuf (New Bridge). There are various points that made this bridge unique for its time. Primarily, this modern bridge was 232 meters long and 22 meters wide.

Apart from that, it was the first bridge that boasted of pavements and did not have houses on it. Both these points made it an immediate hit with the Parisians and it was used by them as a meeting point too with the semicircular sections close to the pavement being ideal for socializing. It is also the oldest standing bridge across River Seine.