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If only you could go back in time, you would notice that a different bridge occupied the same spot, which the Pont Notre Dame currently occupies. It was on this spot that the first bridge of Paris, the Grand Pont occupied.

The latter structure got damaged in the year 886 due to the Norman attacks and due to the siege of Paris and in its place, a plank bridge was established. This bridge, named Pont des Planches de Milbray, could not withstand the ravages of the floods of 1406 and was destroyed. It was in the year 1412 that the first version of the bridge named Notre Dame, made out of pure wood, was constructed.

It took the better part of seven years to complete the bridge that also hosted sixty houses on top of it. However, this bridge too did not last for long and it collapsed in the year 1499. In order to ensure that there were no such dangers to life in the future, it was decided to build a bridge out of stone.

The construction of the same was completed in the year 1507. This bridge too boasted of sixty houses that were later demolished between 1746 and 1788 for sanitary reasons and for the dangers that these structures were posing for the bridge. The metallic bridge that now stands in its place was inaugurated in the year 1919.