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Named after a local chapel, the Pont Saint-Michel connects Place Saint Michel with the Île de la Cité. Tourists are surprised, looking at the awesome condition of the bridge, when they hear that this bridge was initially constructed in the year 1378. However, this bridge has been rebuilt over the years with the current one being built in the year 1857.

Even considering this, the Pont Saint-Michael is more than century and half old. Perhaps this is what attracts tourists from all over the world to it. What is more surprising is the fact that this marvel took just seven months to complete.

The current bridge is the brainchild of architects Paul Vaudrey and Paul-Martin Gallocher de Lagalisserie. It consists of three arches, each of which is 17.2 meters in length. Those who are familiar with the history of the city of Paris will recall that, this bridge is the site where lots of killings of the Paris massacre took place in the year 1961.

This bridge crosses the River Seine and tourists interested in accessing it can do so via the metro. Those interested in visiting it should get down at the Saint-Michel station.