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On the south coast of Portugal you will find this small sea resort. Its very size is what helps to make it attractive because wherever you find accommodation you have every amenity within a few minutes walking distance. The beaches, museums and shopping areas are all beside you.There is something for everybody here.

Accommodation is plentiful. There is a growing number of hotels where you can stay or you can rent your chalet or small house for your time there. And all are within a few minutes’ walking distance from whereever you want to go. If you need to change your money or traveller’s cheques you will find the bank. And if you like to go shopping there are many pleasant surprises in store for you. Many local artifacts are on offer and souvenirs are cheap and plentiful. You find all the shops and supermarkets that you find at home.

Praia da Luz, Algarve

If you are one of those who likes swimming you will find an environment which can only be described as heavenly. You will fill your eyes with an enchanting view of a beach of white sand fronted by a blue sea and behind your back there are multi-coloured sandstone cliffs topped by greenery, fauna and Forest trees. If you are of the active kind of people you can swim here or you can surf or use your sailing board. If you are still more energetic you can be taken out by boat to where the waves break and surf all the while. You can go boating or fishing. And all the time you and your family will be under safe supervision from lifeguards. If, like me, you are of the lazy or less energetic type you can sit in your sun- chair, don your sunglasses while you read or sleep and absorb the sun all day and all the while you are being bronzed and cooled by a gentle breeze.

When you feel hungry you will be tempted by those vendors of snacks along the beaches and if your appetite is strongly whetted you can find excellent restaurants where you can partake of fresh fish, meat or even have your oriental tastes satisfied. Bars too offer a good and cheaper selection of foods to suit your taste.

There is a regular bus service to and from other towns and resorts, and plenty of taxis can be had . To get to or from the airport it is a good idea to share one of these taxis. You can go on cycling tours with guides to assist so that you don’t get lost.This is just an excellent venue for a great family break that you have been looking for.