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Different techniques are used in preparing food for winter.

Peppers, aubergines, tomatoes, apples, plums and mulberries are dried in order to be used in food and desserts for the winter.

Pastes made of either pepper or tomato are made by boiling. These pastes are left in the sun during the summer to acquire a thick consistency.

Pickles, which are prepared by mixing water, salt and vinegar, are commonly consumed with meals in the winter.

Tarhana is the essence of a soup composed of flour, wheat, yogurt and various vegetables, and is prepared nearly everywhere in Turkey, although it may differ slightly from region to region. Tarhana, which is generally prepared at the end of the summer, is consumed all winter long.

Jams and syrups made of sour cherry, strawberry, apricot and other fruits, are important in food preparation for the winter.

Molasses including grape, mulberry and apple have become less popular recently.

Various jams are produced by adding apple, quince and pear to the molasses. Other desserts can be obtained by adding walnut or pine nut starch to the molasses.

Preparing food that includes meat for the winter continues in some regions. Meat is cooked with only salt being added, and then allowed to cool. This prepared meat is used in the winter. As well as sausages and pastrami, some bones and fish are also dried for use in winter.

Today, people also prepare canned food or keep food in deep freezers.