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Have you ever wanted to go on a vacation, and just sit down and relax? When you get hungry you just get up and go to any number of restaurants and cafes, and eat for free. You can laze around on a beautiful tropical beach with palm trees and golden white sands under the sun, for free.

Go to and you will find the best available Puerto Rico all-inclusive Resorts deals there.

Fancy a dip in the pool? No problem. How about a relaxing massage and pedicure? All included.

If this all sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. All of this, and more, is available on Puerto Rico all-inclusive vacations. One payment, and nothing to pay when you are there. On top of that, you can wander around the area and take in the local culture.


The Puerto Rico all-inclusive vacations are located on the island within the Caribbean. Close by are the United States Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic. There are also a number of smaller islands in the local area such as Culebra, Mona and Vieques, and these are easily accessible by boat if you want a day out, but you do need to pay. However, if you are just looking for a relaxing no worry vacation, then you have no reason to leave the resort, except for maybe a brief stroll. Here are some aditional Puerto Rico all-inclusive family vacation ideas

Although some people would say that going on Puerto Rico all-inclusive vacations means that you are locked in one location, that is not the case, you are free to go in and out of the resort, but as everything is included in the price you pay when you book, most people choose to just stay there.

Especially as there is a never ending supply of quality food during the day and night, serving not only local cuisine, but that of the local islands, USA and Europe.

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