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If you are interested to learn more about Gothic architecture, especially that of the Rayonnant period, then you need to pay a visit to the La Sainte Chapelle. Sponsored by France’s King Louis IX, this Gothic chapel lies in Ile de la Cite in the center of Paris.

Though the exact date, regarding the construction of this chapel, is vague, the work on the same was completed on 26 April 1248, at the time of consecration. According to history, the king had constructed the chapel to house a fragment of the True Cross and the Crown of Thorns. Tourists will be interested to learn that Pierre de Montreuil designed the original plan of this chapel.

Do not forget to check out the upper chapel in which a combination of space, color, and light blend together to inspire a sense of harmony.

There is no question about the fact that the painters and sculptors took extra care while constructing the upper chapel because that section was reserved for the king, his family, and his close friends.

Venture inside and take a look at the vaulted ceiling. It will seem as if it is floating above the glorious stained glass windows. Though there are many artifacts inside, the most popular of them are the statues of the twelve apostles.