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Flashback to your last beach holiday… You try to maneuver among the crowds with your arms weighed down with umbrellas, folded chairs, your wife’s day bag ( heaviest of the lot ). You try to find a spot where there is enough space for you to settle down. When you finally do, people pass by and kick sand in your eyes. But the exact time when you know you have had it is when you try to swim, you can not, not without going far enough.

All this and more should have taught you enough to avoid the tourist populated beach destinations like the plague, and if it has not, why not try some peace for a change? There are some beaches that are among the most beautiful in the world and this fact is accepted by the whole of the world, and you almost feel that the who.e world has come to hang out at the beach. Would n’t it be miles better to go somewhere equally beautiful but not so crowded?

If you do not know enough about beaches to know which beaches are touristy and which are not, this guide may be of assistance. Outlined here are the best beaches to head to when you want some respite from the madding crowd. There are some beach destinations which have not yet become tourist traps, and the best thing you can do at this juncture is pack your bags and head over without telling anybody and hoping for the best that it will remain unknown.


Kenya? You may ask, and rightly so. The land of forests, deserts and safaris, who would imagine ever that Kenya had anything to do with beaches? But this is true, Kenya has close to three hundred miles of snow white unsullied stretches of sand that has been preserved over the years. The heavenly beaches are sheltered by coral reefs, and the waters have stayed free of sharks and pollutants. Make sure you take in some wildlife as well.


The location in Morocco that has over three hundred days of sun shining in the year 9is Agadir. Agadir is located in the south west portion of Morocco, and is a heavenly spot that is famous for the warm temperatures of the waters.


Bermudan beaches are legendary, in their pinkness as well as the solitude offered, an extremely rewarding destination. Romantic in the extreme, this is where you should honeymoon.