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Snorkeling and scuba diving in Aruba are very rewarding experiences due to the spectacular wrecks and interesting coral reefs that dominate the aquatic world around this Caribbean island. To the best diving sites in Aruba belongs the area where is located the Antilles wreck – the largest sunken vessel in the entire Caribbean region!

The most rewarding snorkeling and diving spots in Aruba are situated along the protected western and southern coasts, at short distance to the high-end hotels settled on Palm Beach. In fact, a large shallow sandy plateau encloses Aruba and therefore the coral reefs can be reached with ease by boat. The moments spent in immersion are fantastic because the waters in Aruba are very rich in exotic marine life such as stingrays, moray eels, manta rays, and barracuda.

Interesting coral formations can be found in waters of 20 to 100 feet, with little or no currents and flat surface conditions! Even if this leisure activity is very popular amongst holidayer, in none of the twenty premier immersion sites is no crowd due to the fact that it are shared by water sport operators that organize small groups of divers and snorkelers.
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Antilles Wreck
Antilles is considered the best spot for wreck diving in the entire Caribbean Sea! The vessel’s remains are over 400 feet long and located at a depth of 60 feet, so tourists can see there more fish than on any reef!

Dantchi’s Delight Reef
There can be taken delight in easy and beautiful diving with a lot of orange sponges, staghorn coral, and damsel fish. The site starts at 15 feet and goes to 60 feet depth and therefore it’s also great for reef snorkeling.

Airplane Wreck
An airplane almost so big as a DC-3 has been sunken intentionally as an artificial reef.

It’s a very nice and interesting wreck diving site in Aruba, with great opportunities for photography.

Sonesta Reef
It’s a large reef which starts at 15 feet and goes to over 80 feet depth. There can be seen numerous brain-shaped coral, orange cup sponges and parrot fish, along with damsel fish and butterfly fish.

Tugboat Wreck
The reef is beginning in shallow waters and is home to numerous species of fish. Occasionally can be seen there also spotted eagle rays, sting rays, and octopus.

Kantil Reef
It is a beautiful reef with lots of parrot fish, barracuda, lobsters, and many others.

Jane C. Wreck
This site offers very exciting diving. Jane C. is a 250-feet long wreck of a former cargo ship lying in sand, being often visited by barracuda, manta rays, and even sea turtles.

Skalahein Reef
This is one of the most beautiful reefs in Aruba and as result is just great for snorkeling. It extends from 20 feet down to 140 feet depth hosting lots of fish and different types of coral.

Barcadera Reef
It’s a great coral reef with lot of fish, lobster, and moray eels. Starts at 15 feet and goes to over 80 feet depth. There can be seen also sea horses, being a fantastic spot for photography!

Bali Barge Reef
It’s a site where is sunken the barge portion of an old Balinese restaurant, being one of the top diving places with fish, plume worms, moray eels, and eagle rays. The site is starting at 25 feet and goes to 130 feet depth.

Bango Reef
It is certainly one of the most rewarding scuba diving resorts in Aruba – tourists can explore there 5 islands of coral with a high abundance of bango fish which attract larger fish like tuna and barracuda. The reef is extraordinary beautiful and home to many sea horses and turtles.

Because of the fantastic sights, it is definitively a “must see” subaquatic place during vacations in Aruba, offering unforgettable moments both to beginner and advanced divers, as well to snorkeling fans.

Mike’s Reef
Huge coral formations guide divers along the coastline offering them sights with big barracuda and rainbow runners, being just excellent for taking pictures!

Star Garret
It’s a cargo ship wreck in length of 300 feet. Offers great abundance of marine life too.

De Palm Slope
This is also a good site starting in shallow waters where can be seen fine coral formations, barracuda, parrotfish, surgeonfish, and yellowtail grunts; often appear eagle rays.

Plonco Reef
This reef goes beyond 100 feet and features large fire and star coral, sponges, and gorgonians. The lobsters are common, while the fish species include barracuda, rainbow runners, parrotfish, surgeonfish, yellowtail grunts, and moray eels.
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