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St Lucia is Emerald gem rising from the Caribbean Sea, an island that is beautiful and beaches which are gorgeous and sunset which will mesmerize you completely.

St Lucia is definitely for people in love. Ambience itself is so romantic. Look forward to spend some amazing moments together. The island is very famous for giving the perfect setting for having your wedding on beach, theme wedding, and simple wedding. Whatever be your desire you will all get to do in this island. For more about the island visit here: And thereafter your honeymoon on this island is bound to get you head over heels in love again. You may plan your trip here, and even might propose your girlfriend here.

The vibes of love will do all the tricks other than your ring to make her say yes. The mountainous island is glam honeymoon place.

St Lucia is not about lying on beach, though the beaches are awesome and you will love to be there but St Lucia offers you greenery of lush rain forest. You will be completely haze in the place. The hills growing to be volcanic mountains and hiking through the trails will be wonderful experience as if walking beneath canopy of green.

West Indian Lifestyle and culture can be well seen here. The aroma of fresh food being cooked will keep you hungry. You are bound to gain weight here. but if you take walks on small sandy beaches of the Pigeon Island in the North St Lucia, then you might maintain yourself. Enjoy nature at best here. This is no resort place or theme park place but destination to feel the nature and its immense beauty. All your senses will be enthralled sound, smell; sight etc. with St Lucia has a pulse. Who says that Caribbean is just about lying on beaches? If you don’t do anything else in St Lucia other than this, then you’re missing out. This isn’t any glamorous up, holiday spot with theme-park – St Lucia has some pulse to it. The human senses will get bombarded with sights, sounds, and smells of an island that’s really alive. In town like Casteries there is always shake and move even on sound of car. There is reggae blaring from speakers around the town.

St Lucia offers snorkelling under the waves; you will like the grounds and views it offers. Scuba diving can also be done. Sailing is best experience here. Plan a day excursion and you will have wonderful time be it group or in couple.

The Piton- Icon of the St Lucia

St Lucia has twin Peaks known as the Piton, which is icon of St Lucia. The Piton rise dramatically, landmark of Eastern Caribbean, from the sea. The Pitons is active volcanos. These mountains have lush forest, verdant interiors, flourishes with tropical fauna and flora.

Rent car to see around the island, from Castries, the Pitons are just two hour drive. The road is very good, hugging the coast, pass through banana plantations, many villages and even the scenic tropical route through jungle, tree ferns swaying in the wind, gorgeous view of Caribbean Sea. Also visit Marigot bay where you can have meals at many waterfront restaurants. Marigot Bay is scenic divine place that you must go. Island has dramatic scenery at Sulphur Springs, it is touted as drive in volcano. One other must see place is Diamond Botanical Gardens, panoramic view, you will love your time here. Sunset will be one amazing experience. St Lucia is known for sighting most enchanting sunsets to be seen.

St Lucia is port of call for many of the Caribbean Cruises. Hoping islands can also be done from here. Sun set cruise is exciting excursion that you can do in St Lucia. Jade Mountain Resort, Ladera Resort and Anse Chastanet Resort are very good places for accommodation.