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During the last years, the old center of the French city known as St Raphael has lost a great part of its popularity because of its larger neighbor, the town of Frejus. However, whenever you are planning to visit the area, you are totally recommended to give this city a chance, mainly because of the fact that it contains some popular sites that you will enjoy visiting.

First of all, there are the Belle Époque houses that are stretched along the seafront. All of them were fully rebuilt after being severely damaged during the Second World War. On the other hand, the old town does not seem to enjoy the same level of popularity among visitors but contains places such as the church of St Pierre and the Templiers Street. Most of them are dating from the Roman times and the influences represent a strong proof.

Another place you should definitely visit when travelling to St. Rapahel is the museum of underwater archaeology and local history. The entrance is €1.50, which is a minimum investment if compared to everything it has to offer.

Saint Raphael, Sainte Maxime bay

St. Raphael is also very famous for the marvelous beaches with clear sand that are included in this location, as well as the maritime pursuits. For example, if you are interested in this domain, you will be fascinated by the possibilities for divers and for arranging boat trips. The numerous beaches start from the newly built port, known under the name of Santa Lucia, and stretch all the way to the city center.

Before you arrive, one of the most important things you should do is related to choosing the ideal hotel for you and the persons staying with you. This is because of the fact that the prices of St. Raphael can be more expensive than you would have imagined. For example, a room at the hotel known as Excelsior is available for a price starting from €125 for every night.

Finally, in terms of the cafes, markets and brasseries, the most important suggestion you can get is to choose places such as Victor-Hugo and la Republique. However, you will also have the chance to choose from a wide range of classy restaurants, where you can expect to pay around €30 for a traditional menu. With all these impressive features, St. Raphael is one of the most surprisingly good holiday destinations in France and you will never regret visiting it.