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A spa-experience is the perfect way both to relax and to feel intensely alive, taking care of both body and soul.  Since everybody today seems to look for relieve from stress and unhealthy living, the spa-word has become a very popular marketing trick and “spa” is used to describe almost everything from a modest beauty parlor with manicure to a gym establishment with a bubble pool, a few lounge chairs and a sauna. So, if you want a genuine spa experience during your Sweden holiday you had better check out what you’ll get for your money before you book.  Use the Internet and browse the websites listed on, for instance.  You’ll be left with a rich choice – but what will suit you best and give you an experience to remember?  That depends on the type of person you are – find your type and your spa will follow!

Some suggestions:

  • For the spa connoisseur who knows exactly what she or he deserves, the Selma Spa in Sunne is perfect. Here you find every treatment you could imagine, from body massages to facial treatments, pedicure and a session in the Relaxing Pod, where color, sound and smell combine to help you find new energy.  There are pools both outdoors and indoors, different saunas, and if you’re the active type there is a fitness center to help you choose an exercise form suited to you. A number of classes each afternoon give you the chance to try out what you’re interested in. Of course there is a good gym, and hiking trails and tracks for mountain bikes complete the picture. Food is of gourmet class (but healthy) and you can stay for a whole weekend or overnight – or just spend a few hours. Website:
  • For the meditative lover of the Far East, Yasuragi Hasseludden outside Stockholm is a like the Japan you have always dreamt of. Enjoy Japanese baths, walk down to the sea through the beautiful garden which combines the Swedish archipelago with Japanese gardening concepts, or taste the best exotic Asian dishes there are. Yasuragi means “inner peace and harmony” and you will have all possibilities to explore your innermost self: different meditation techniques as well as color and sound therapies are on offer together with genuine spa treatments. If you are slightly more inclined to worldly pursuits, you might be tempted by sushi making classes or an introduction to the history and culture of green tea. If you stay the night you’ll even sleep on tatami mats in bedrooms of clean and sparse Japanese design. Website:
  • For the romantic orientalist, the atmosphere of the Hamam Oriental in Stockholm will conjure up odalisques in the harem of a pasha or perhaps the strength of the female subculture ruling the Ottoman empire. Either way, it should be experienced. The central treatment is the traditional body scrubbing in a moist and warm environment. This makes your skin breathe, shedding impurities and improving blood circulation. In winter it helps you keep warm in freezing temperatures and in summer, it secures you a glowing, even tan. Body massage of the Turkish type also has a good reputation for helping fibromyalgia sufferers, but it tones the muscles of everyone. But if this sounds too aggressive, there are lots of other treatments on the agenda. Website:
  • For the vegetarian health freak, time spent in Masesgården in Dalecarlia may be the ultimate experience.  This is not a traditional spa, but spending a healthy week here you still can choose between lots of spa treatments, exercise and relaxation experiences far away from stress and demands. Interesting lectures are given on everything from weight-loss to changing your life around – for the Swedish-speaker, that is. The food is justly famous – the tempting green dishes have turned many a meat eater away from sausages and steaks forever. Added bonus is the location near lake Siljan in the most picturesque surroundings imaginable! Website: masesgarden.


  • For the luxury aficionado, willing to splash out a really large amount of money on a once-in-a-lifetime-experience, there is the most luxurious spa in Scandinavia, Raison d’Être Spa in the Burman palace in Stockholm. It covers 1.200 square meters of splendid architecture and glittering pools, of course every imaginable wellness experience is available, and both the day and the night can be spent in a private spa suite of your own due to cooperation with the Grand Hôtel. Staying for three nights in a suite and getting their “Complete Works” with massage, facials, body treatments, lunch, make-up and a lot of other things sets you back about 6500 Euro. A visit to their website is free, though:
  • For the seeker of ancient wisdom, the Prana Spa in Borås might be just the thing. Here you are treated according to ancient Ayurvedic concepts from India, and first of all you will get to know what type of human being you are: vata, pitta or kapha. Then the balance for your body type will be regained with specific treatments, helping you to attain physical and spiritual harmony. Massage with herbal powders, or being wrapped in steaming towels to rid your body of impurities, aromatic baths and the experience of “floating” in silence and darkness are all things you might try out, before you taste your delicious lunch or exotic fruit smoothie. Website:
  • For the budget conscious there is the possibility of combining a boat trip on one of the boats of “Birka Cruises”, with the Paradise Relax and Spa on board. Sit in the Jacuzzi outside on the deck, nicely joining cruise and spa experience, try the Finnish sauna or the steam bath or enjoy the spa-bar (no need to stick to fruit juice here, they serve both champagne and other drinks). Body treatments include algae, volcanic clay or even chocolate!! You’ll be fit to dance the night away later on or shop till you drop in the taxe-free stores of the ship – or why not save all the new found energy for sightseeing at your destination? Website: