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Sweden is a country that is well known for its weather. Even in Stockholm, the biggest city, the culture and the day to day life is based around the weather that they have. There are many things to do indoors in the bigger cities in Sweden, such as Stockholm, indoor attractions such a museums and other attractions can be quite popular at all times of the year. And there are quite a few museums in Sweden to visit as well. Whether you are in to culture, history, or art, you will find a museum that caters to your taste somewhere in Sweden.

If you are interested in something out of doors, of course, the best thing to do anywhere in Sweden is to take advantage of the winter sports. Skiing and snow boarding are just a couple examples of what you can do in the winter in Sweden.

Sweden has much to offer. After all, things like the Nobel Prize, Smorgasbords, and Ikea all come from there. Stockholm is one of the prettiest capitals in Europe, and it is compact, which makes it idea for touring the old town as well as the city parks.

You can take a train to Gothenburg, where you can visit the Liseberg amusement park or go to see many of the maritime, history, and art museums that are also found there. You can also visit the walled and port city of Visby, which is located on the island of Gotland. You can get there by ferry or train, and can be transported to the past, to the town of roses and ruins. Another place that you simply must see is the small and medieval town of Vadstena, which can easily be called the most beautiful town in all of Sweden.

If you are interested in visiting Sweden, you should plan your trip according to the kinds of things that you would like to do there. They have many beautiful parks and outdoor monuments, so traveling in the warmer months might be a good idea for a person who likes to get out of doors and do things in the warm weather. However, if museums and coffee shops are what you crave, you should go in the winter, because the out doors sports and the beauty of Sweden in the winter far outweigh anything that you will be able to find in the insides of the museums. If you can handle the cold weather, it is the best time to come to Sweden because you are going to be able to see many more things than you thought you’d be able to see, and you are going to be able to be taking advantage of many more of the sports than you thought you’d be able to.

Never be afraid to do more than look, in Sweden.



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