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Teotihuacan is one of Mexico’s greatest archaeological marvels in Mexico, and is located about fifty kilo meters to the north east of central Mexico City. Teotihuacan was the largest ancient city of Mexico.

Teotihuacan has a thriving city which was home to more than a hundred and fifty thousand people in its peak time, which was around the sixth century AD. The great city extended about twenty four square meters, and many of them were involved in mining obsidian. The city was not named Teotihuacan then, the original name of the city is still unknown.

It was around the seventh century that Teotihuacan began to decline. It was ravaged and looted, and was an abandoned city. The site was still revered by the Toltecs and the Aztecs. The Aztecs named it Teotihuacan, or “where the gods were born”. According to Aztec legend, this was where the gods started creating the universe.

A city was established surrounding the Avenida de los Muertos, a central road which is now the main thoroughfare for vendors and tourists. There are few routes through the ruins that are less popular, and these are much more peaceful.

Teotihuacan is filled with a huge number of marvelous attractions, all of them of incredible significance. There is the Piramide del Sol or the Pyramid of the Sun which stands at seventy meters high and is the third largest pyramid in the world. There are two hundred and forty eight steps leading upto the very top. There is another pyramid known as the Piramide de la Luna, which is really beautiful and is situated at the northern end of the axis.

The Palacio de los Jaguares is a location famoius for its murals of jaguars. The Palacio del Quetzalpapalotl is also located close by. The Templo de la Conchas Plumadas is another attraction, which is named so for its façade, with a huge number of feather and flower decorations. The Templo de Quetzalcoatl, which is also referred to as the Pyramid of the Feathered Sepent, with well preserved and marvelous engravings is another must visit.