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The Western branch of the Toros (Taurus) mountains, the Bey Mountain range, is located in the province of Antalya. The crest of the range parallels the North- South line of the Western shore of the Gulf of Antalya. With altitudes ranging between 600 and 3086 meters, these mountains offer geologists and geographers many peculiar morphological characteristics. Tekedorugu, Bakirlidag, Tahtalidag and Kizlarsivrisi summits are particularly remarkable.

The highest point in the mountains is Mt. Kizlarsivrisi (3086m), and climbers reach it through the cedar forested Camcukuru valley. The best approach to the valley is by road inland from Antalya to Elmali. Antalya, of course, can be reached from Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara by land, air and sea routes.

Tahtali mountain, West of Kemer, offers another interesting ascent. Rising to an elevation of 2360 meters, pine and deciduous forests cover the slopes up to an altitude of 2000-m. Bare meadow stretch to the summit.

The climb up Mt.

Tahtali begins at Sogukpinar, a short drive from Kemer. From there a combination of walking and climbing brings you to a place to make camp. The final ascent is carried out on the flank facing the coast and offers a spectacular and ever-changing view.

Although it is possible to organize trips to the Bey Mountains all year round; April, May, and June offer both a temperate climate and a chance to experience the richest vegetation.