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The Northeastern extension of the Central Toros (Taurus) range, the Mercan range, straddles both the Tunceli and Erzincan provinces. Mt. Akbaba, at 3462 meters, is the highest summit in the Mercandagi range. The limestone geology of these mountains creates their very rugged profile.

Erzincan, a major city North of the mountain ranges and accessible by air, rail and road, is the base from which to attempt an ascent on the North face.

Those wishing to climb the mountain from the South begin their trek at Ovacik in the middle of the Munzur mountains. Climbers entering from this point can reach the highest summits of the Munzur. Ovacik lies 70 kilometers from Erzincan and is accessible by a road which follows the banks of the Munzur valley. The Munzur River, which rushes through a national park, tempts tourists with superb fresh fish and beautiful mountain scenery.