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Waterfalls are truly natural miracles, but they truly become admirable when one can spot them. On this Earth, there are countless small and big waterfalls of which many are still to be officially named. This is the reason why we never plan a trip to such hidden jewels in the corners of our planet. But certainly, the Ramnefjellsfossen Falls are famous and many visitors are keen to explore these falls despite its risky surroundings. Check it out why!

Conventionally and commonly named as Utigardsfossen, Ramnefjellsfossen is a spectacular waterfall in Norway, which is proud to be the third highest free-falling cascade in the world. According to the World Waterfall Database that considers all the small, minor, and seasonal waterfalls, the Ramnefjellsfossen Falls ranks 11th in the list of tallest waterfalls on the globe.

Dropping exceptionally into the deceivingly tranquil but wonderful Lake Lovatnet, the waterfall is adorned with an overall cascade of 818 m that comes to 2,685 feet created by five free-falling plunges. Out of this figure of height, approximately 599 m that is 1968 ft are occupied by the sheerest part of the waterfall, while the remaining area is occupied by the drops below the main area and by those cascades at the glacier’s snout above. This means that the height of the falls at 1968 feet comprises of the steepest part, while the total height of 2685 feet involves the plunges from the end of the Ramnefjellsbreen Glacier and those below the main falls area.

Nourished by the powerful Ramnefjellbreen Glacier that is a part of the grand Jostedalsbreen Glacier, which is the largest of its kind in the continent of Europe, the Ramnefjellsfossen’s flow of water is surprisingly slow, which has guaranteed it as among those handful of vital waterfalls in the state that have not been lined up for generating hydroelectricity. But, the volume of water is quite high making it one of the ideal waterfalls on the planet. So, it is perfectly right to describe the Ramnefjellsfossen Falls as among the voluminous as well as the tallest falls on the planet situated in Nesdal area of Stryn municipality in the Sogn Og Fjordane province at Norway.

The Ramnefjellsfossen falls hold a total of three drops covering a width of 75 feet that comes to 23 meters. If observed as a bystander, the Ramnefjellsfossen Falls appears as a sequence of horsetails above 800 m holding a single plunge that is of 600 m. The mountain on which the falls are nestled is called the Ranmefjell range whose past record is really scary, as it has been the medium in taking away the lives of 100 people in last 100 years due to landslides. However, you should not worry, but rather be alert or avoid going during the rainy season if the need be.

You can reach the falls via a sea plane, boat, or by road. The nearest towns are nestled at a distance of 10 km that comes to 6.2 mi and they are known as Loen and Olden. If you prefer staying at a campsite, then that too is available at the bottom of the falls accessible by hiking.