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Jamaica is an island nation that is situated in Caribbean Sea. The third largest island of the Caribbean, this country is a famous tourist attraction. It is known for its waterfalls, coastlines, lagoons, and resort towns. Several sightseeing places which can be visited at any time of the day. There are myraid things to do in Jamaica.

One can enjoy a Canopy-tour in Jamaica which involves traveling over the traverses that are followed by walking through trees. The traverses are used for connecting platforms. Each traverse has a unique name. The highlight of the tour is a 300 meter Inter-Parish Express. The zipline tour enables a tourist to know about the natural life of this beautiful island. One can spend time at charming springs and rivers.

Swimming with Dolphins is also an appealing option for those who want to have a close look at these beautiful creatures. Dolphin Cove lets the visitors to have a face-to-face encounter with dolphins. The tourists are given proper orientation before they can jump into the waters to swim with their favorite mammal. One can have a life-time experience touching and patting them. If one wants to have a more thrilling experience, he can opt for Stingray City. After wading into the waters of Caribbean, one can see these deadly creatures and feed them. It is definitely one of the best things to do in Jamaica.

River-rafting on Martha River, located near Falmouth town can be a wonderful experience. A Rafter’s Village that is meant for embarkation is itself a very picturesque place. It has all the recreational facilities for its visitors including picnic spots, shops, pools and rest-rooms. For rafting, the bamboo rafts are dispatched and opened over the Martha River. The guests can have a rejuvenating swim. This can be one of the exhilarating experiences.

If one plans about the things to do in Jamaica, then nothing can be the better option than horse-riding. Chukka Cove Polo Club provides the facility of riding a horse along a coastline. One can even wade into a forest or enter a river. Hooves Ltd. is famous for horse-rides that can take a rider to the hilly mountains. A number of other resorts that offer horse-riding are Negril and Montego Bay. Caymanas Park gives away prizes to he winners. One can even take part in betting on their favorite horses.

Strawberry Hills in Blue-Mountains can be an enchanting experience as the place is a unique mixture of Jamaican natural heritage and gift of modern healthy life-style. There is a spa-house and a number of lovely cottages that are built for capturing the magnificent views of the natural surroundings. The music-lovers can opt for Bob-Marley Museum, which was the recording place of the great singer’s earlier numbers. One can have a look at his records, can relax at café, and take pictures of the room. The entry fee is $10 and one gets a Marley T-shirt, and a free lunch.

For those who are planning the things to do in Jamaica, there are myriad of options available in this panoramic island.