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Tomar is an appealing town that is located in an extensively attractive gorge next to river Nabao and the center of Portugal in Medio Tejo sub region. Its curling antiquated assembled streets and plenty of age-old memorials mark an exceptionally grave face in Portuguese chronicle of events, they also serve as a link to the knights of Templar historical events. Tomar is a historical city mostly because it was the centre of the Portuguese growth over the seas. The town draws large throngs of tourists from all over the globe mostly due to its historical findings and buildings.

Tomar Monastery

The recapitulation of the town dates back to the 12th the period in which it was acceded. The initial stone of the Castle and Monastery was first laid in 1160, it later became the center of operations of the Order of Portugal. A tablet at palace honors the Knight crusaders who defended the town when it was attacked in 1190. Henry the Navigator was later made the Governor of the Order, and it is believed he used his position to spread advent to Africa and the Atlantic. It later became one of the first industrialized places in Portugal, and history has it that the French in the Napoleonic invasion subjugated it. The town late declined in popularity after the unit that followed Christ was dispersed.

Any person planning to visit Tomar can get to the place by a bus, a train or a car. There are daily transportation services in all sectors linking the city with different countrywide destinations. Tomar is mostly known for its remarkable monuments, which are scattered all across the region. Such monuments include the Church of Santa Maria do Olival built in the 13th century, Castle and Convent of Christians is a UNESCO world heritage site that was established in the 12th Century, and the Synagogue of Tomar built in the 15th century and the house of Jewish Museum AbraĆ£o Zacuto.

Tomar Christ Convent cloister

Tomar is the place to find historical churches and chapels dating back to hundreds of years ago. The building that was used by Christians is a star attraction, tourist get amazed with this geometric symbol that took 600 years to build and is an awe-inspiring edifice that is composed of unique architectural works massive bell tower. Then there is the church that was established in Nossa Senhora da Conceicao with its early-revitalized internal decoration. This church has some of extraordinary paintings. The town has an institution that takes care of Jewish artifacts in the synagogue that dates back to the 15th-century.