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France is famous for romance, wine and art. So if you are in the mood for some love and culture your trip to France is going to be magnifique. The country is absolutely beautiful. Romance intoxicates the air you breathe and it will make you fall in love with everything and everyone you meet.

1) Le Louvre
The first stop you must make when you are in France is Paris. It is filled with the world’s favourite tourist attraction and you cannot say goodbye to the French way of life without visiting the Mona Lisa at her resting abode. The Louvre Paris is one of the most popular art galleries in the world and is home to masterpieces that date back centuries. Architecturally and culturally it is an absolute must to visit the Louvre.

2) The Eiffel Tower
It’s much better than it looks like in the movies. In the evenings the Eiffel Tower is lit up and looks like the entire city is riding on its spirit. A ride up the Eiffel tower will give you stories for life. Take a ride, look at Paris in its absolute splendour and share a glass of wine with your loved one at the Eiffel Tower.

3) The French Riviera
If you want to experience France in its true spirit then you must only travel with your lover. The beaches that dot France are a must visit for those who are madly in love and want to distract themselves from worldly cynicism. The water is warm and beach is beautiful in Cannes, Nice and St Tropez.

4) The Cathedral of Notre Dame
A historical marvel that brings to mind gargoyles and the hunchback of Notre Dame when you think of it. The architecture is historic and is a must visit for all those who want to soak in some French history.

5) The Arch De Triumph
At one end of the famous Champs Elysees is a gigantic ferrous wheel and at the other end is the Arc de Triumph. This magnificent landmark was built in memory of the French Military that fought in the Noplainic war alongside Napoleon.

6) Disneyland
If you are travelling with the family, it will be sinful for you to leave France without visiting Disneyland. Nightly parades and splendid fireworks will greet you and take you into a magical world that Disney is so famous for.

7) Normandy
If you are a fan of Joan of Arc you should travel up to Normady and pay homage to those who fought a number of wars and battles on these lands to get rid of many a foe.

8) Lourdes
Lourdes France is famous because people say that in the right light you can see the Virgin Mary. If you do manage to see her, all your sins will be washed away. I say it’s definitely worth a try.

9) Musse d’Orsay
Located in an old railway station, the Musse d’Orsay is another example of how much the French celebrate art.

10) Vineyards
If you are in the mood for some wine tasting and wine making, make sure you participate in wine tours that are organized for tourists all year round. Leaving France without experiencing the wine culture is not something you want to ignore and regret.