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The land of the queen is wrapped in serene splendour and if you want your trip to the United Kingdom to be memorable, make sure you visit the following places.

1) Stonehenge
The Stonehenge is a national Icon. Visitors from all around the world gather here to celebrate the summer solstice on one summer day that is looked forward to world over. The ancient structure is known to be the burial ground for affluent citizens in society, however today it is a popular observatory for a number of astronomical reasons.


2) Edinburgh
The charm of this great city is amazing. Every August revellers from various corners of the globe come here to celebrate and participate in a number of festivities. The Edinburgh International Festival, The Military Tattoo Festival and the Fringe Festival beckon artists and musicians from world over to share centre stage.

3) Tower Bridge
The Tower Bridge is synonymous with London. It offers a spectacular view of the Thames and when it opens up for a ship to pass, it is indeed a sight to watch out for. You cannot visit London and forget to take a walk along the Tower Bridge. Especially in the evening when the air is chilly and the sky is dark and the landscape is lit with beautiful city life.

4) The London Eye
While you are in the Queen’s City, you might as well take a ride on the world’s largest ferrous wheel. For those who are afraid of heights, it’s time you faced your fears and get set to explore London through a bird’s eye view from the London Eye. You may have to shell out a few pounds to get it, but it is absolutely worth it.

5) Chatsworth House
Located in a huge park in Derbyshire’s Peak District, Chatsworth House is one of the most popular tourist attractions in this region. It’s a beautiful house and the aura is further exemplified by its surrounding. Caught between the tree covered hill side and serene lake your trip to Chatsworth will be not short of a fantasy.

6) Lake Windermere
This beautiful lake is situated in the Southern part of the Lake District of England. All year round, tourists grace this amazing water body to soak in the beauty that the lake district has to offer. Steamers and boats will carry you through the waters and you can feast your eyes on the breath taking country side.

7) Portmeirion
The Portmeirion Village and Peninsula was designed and built by Sir Clough Williams Ellis in 1925 – 1972. It is a must visit if you want to remind yourself of the British cult TV series the Prisoner that was shot here entirely. What it is also famous for is the temperamental behaviour of the tides that can switch the landscape from being of a modest beach into a deep bay.

8) The Giant’s Causeway
The Giant’s Causeway as the name aptly suggests is a huge attraction in Northern Ireland. 40,000 huge black basalt columns stick out of the sea to provide an appearance of sheer power. Legend says that giants would make their way from the sea through this causeway into Scotland.

9) Tresco Abbey Gardens
If you are in the Isles of Sicily you have to visit the Tresco Abbey Gardens. Augustus Smith can be applauded for setting up this beautiful tropical paradise. It started off as a small garden and over the years it grew over acres to provide tourists a great attraction. Terraces, walkways and fish ponds adorn the gardens and are a delight to watch and walk across.

10) The Eden Project
The Eden Project boasts of being the world’s largest green house. It is indeed a popular tourist attraction. If you are in the Cornwell area it would be a crime to leave the UK without experiencing a number of climates under one roof. The Mediterranean and Rainforest Biomes are known to take you to another world and there are many other activities that will simply leave you speechless.